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Are you looking for a company to design your Web site? Look no further. Nuovo Technologies, Inc. can bring your company to life by using crisp, clear, and clean design techniques. Companies today not only need to advertise in the traditional media but they must also begin to develop a Web presence. Your company's Web Site is as important as your phone number. Potential customers today are more apt to investigate a company and make a decision concerning purchases based on the company's Web site and information it provides.

Corporations, government agencies, and small businesses all use the Internet to attract more business, increase profit, reduce expenses, and provide more information to the customer. The Internet has become one of the fastest growing areas of commerce in the last 5 years. Companies are buying resources from one another, and consumers find it easier and convenient to buy online. Web sites are as efficient as and even more beneficial than a billboard. The Internet reaches an estimated 560 million households globally, thus increasing the amount of potential customers to your company. This is far better then spending thousands of dollars on a billboard just to reach local customers.

Nuovo Technologies, Inc. can help you reach millions of potential customers by developing your Web site. Our staff possesses extensive experience designing, programming, and building attractive Web sites. We have developed multi-million dollar sites such as Thrifty Nickel Ads, an online version of the popular classified ads newspaper.

Our Web design team uses the most innovative tools including Flash, Cold Fusion, PhotoShop, and others to design your Web site. Unlike other companies that use WYSIWYG (What you see is what you get) editors like FrontPageTM, our designers code using Cold Fusion Studio. By hand coding we are able to manipulate items more easily and efficiently than using a Web editor, thus giving your Web site a tighter feel. We thoroughly test every Web site that we build on every browser and computer available to the public including Linux, Unix, and Solaris systems. By testing your Web site extensively we can ensure that it is free of errors and that everyone who has access to the Internet can view your Web site regardless of how old their Web browser may be or what computer they use to access the Internet.

Here at Nuovo we go beyond just simple Web design, we also go beyond any other company by offering:

Database AdministrationDatabase Integration
NetworkingNetwork Security
Systems DesignE-Commerce
Web Hosting (by Cybertron)Logo Design

We believe your Web site is not only an extenision of your company but also an extension of your company's vision, goals, and quality. So what are you waiting on, contact us to get your company online today and see the difference.


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