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Security Solutions

As is evidenced in the last several years, neither large nor small companies are immune from unauthorized entry and malicious mischief to their computer networks. These incidents have dramatically illustrated the need for cost-effective and comprehensive solutions to many inadequate systems still in use by some major companies.

Currently, security consultants with experience and expertise are hired to design and implement security paradigms capable of defeating the most sophisticated intrusion techniques. Nuovo Technologies staff can provide our customers with the quality and experience these customers are looking for. Our staff has fifteen years of experience designing and implementing security solutions for Department of Defense intelligence services. Nuovo Technologies can provide comprehensive and effective security solutions capable of meeting the needs of companies of any size in diverse industries.

Strong Authentication

The lack of sufficient security safeguards in the Password Authentication Protocol (PAP) used by most companies today, for dial-up network access, has facilitated the development of a new technology, Strong Authentication. Strong authentication is a composition of hardware and software capable of synchronous and asynchronous two factor challenge response using dynamic password generation and time and event sequencing to prevent tampering.

Firewall/Proxy Servers

Firewalls are used as a deterrents and an enforcement tools. Many of today's consumers who use cable modems should have a firewall installed on their computer to reduce the threat of an illegal entry into their system. As with any highly effective technology, as the capabilities increase, so does the installation and maintenance complexities and their associated costs. Many companies can painfully attest to the fact that a firewall security system is only as good as the security paradigm used to configure it. Nuovo has an experienced staff that can setup and install a firewall for your home, business or school with little cost.

Secure Communications

We are living in an era where knowledge is power. An era where the possession of the smallest amount of data can grant unfair corporate advantages worth billions of dollars, or simply place your sensitive personal information into unknown hands. Out of this age of readily accessible information, the needs of large and small businesses alike have spawned the development of economical and effective secure channel communications. Secure communications, although relatively new to the commercial sector, use encrypted channel methods or "tunnels" for audio, data and video in order to render the information media useless to "untrusted" third parties. A series of public and private encryption algorithms integrated with a variety of modified transmission protocols combine to give the user encryption control and flexibility. Nuovo Technologies recognizes this market potential and is using its experience in this area to bring cost effective and affordable solutions to every size firm.

Digital Signature/Smart Cards

In the early days of computers a "login" and password were your keys to system security. As the computer moved out of the laboratory and was readily accepted into the main stream of society, several major concerns confronted the business community, specifically the banking industry. How can we make electronic commerce secure, affordable, and user friendly? The answer has come in the form of the Smart Card. It is a digitally imprinted chip encased in a credit card size package which can be scanned or manually manipulated, and is capable of storing varying amounts of information which can be activated by a Personal Identification Number (PIN) and/or an external proprietary software/hardware configuration. Major companies such as GTE, Chrysler, Merrill Lynch, and the New York Transit Authority are currently evaluating this technology as a secure remote transaction alternative.

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